US4 Will Keep Your Business Competitive

Inbound, Outbound & Blended Customer Care

  • 24/7 Customized Products & Services Support

    US4 will support any type of product or service offering for the SMB to the Big Box retail market.

  • Customer Loyalty

    US4 expert customer care agents will help you grow your customer base and build brand loyalty.

  • Resolution of Complaints

    US4 agents train and become an extension of your business.

  • Technical Expertise

    US4 will provide qualified service and products experts resolving issues related to your business.

  • OEM and White Label

    Expand your product portfolio with US4’s broad-spectrum white label experience.

  • Live Agents

    24/7/365 a Live Agent will answer your customers’ calls, e-mails, & texts.


Online & Social Media Support


    Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Campaigns & Support.

  • Facebook / Twitter

    Expand your brand on Social Media while US4 manages your business accounts.


    US4 can help your business leverage LinkedIn to bring attention to your products and services.

Information Technology Solutions

  • 24x7x365 IT Support

    Live, around the clock support for all IT, Software, Telecommunications, and Cloud services.

  • Single or Multi-Location

    Managing and supporting your company’s IT needs anywhere in the world.

  • IT/Computer Help Desk

    Eliminate major expense by repurposing IT resources to optimize your business.

  • Network Infrastructure

    Evaluate, design, procure, deploy and manage your IT and telecommunications services.

  • Software Solutions

    Leading software solutions to stream-line operations and generate new revenues.

  • Enterprise Managed Services

    Manage LAN/WAN including installations, firewalls, and all network infrastructure.

  • NOC Customization

    US4 specializes in internal and external NOC support for employees and even your customers.


Sales Campaigns & Fulfillment

  • Expert Agents

    US4 agents will train on your products and services and become a part of your business family.

  • Revenue Acceleration

    Help your business grow by accelerating revenues on new and existing products and services.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Gain market share, increase margins, and grow your business through an effective inside salesforce

  • Eliminate 30%+ on Cost of Goods (COGS)

    Eliminate major sales and marketing line-item expenses by repurposing resources.

  • Short & Long-Term Campaigns

    Manage talent shortages while helping keep operating costs low.

  • Business Operations

    Streamline work processes and reduce errors while empowering all back-office functions.

  • Processing

    Order management from first customer contact to completed sale.

Travel & Hospitality

  • Reservations & Bookings

    Assist customers with securing and modifying reservations.

  • Manage Reservations

    Phone, website, and third-party support.

  • Sales Campaigns

    Provide information on service offering and sell customer o the service.


Healthcare & Medical Billing

  • Healthcare Plans

    Eligibility & Plan Benefit, Claims, Website Support, Health Plan Explanation, and Claims Processing.

  • Healthcare Delivery

    Rx Support, Scheduling, Billing Plans, & Support Desk.

  • Devices/Products

    Product Explanation & Use, Guidance, Shipping & Returns, Warranty Support, Recalls, and Collections.

  • Wellness Management

    Health Advice, Healthcare Options, Disease Management, Telehealth.

Insurance & Financial

  • Service for Agencies

    Policy checking, loss run processing, quote summary & proposal, insurance renewal, claims processing, certificate of insurance, agency back-office management, document indexing and filing services, bookkeeping, and billing services.

  • Service for Carriers

    Life & Annuity Claim Management, Policy Issuance, Property & Casualty Claims, Insurance Billing & Accounts Receivables, Loss Run Processing for Carrier, ACORD Forms Processing, and Insurance Renewals.

  • Back-Office Support

    Commission Management, Data Entry, Endorsement Processing, BPO Customer Care, Reporting, Warranty Claims Management, Insurance Software Support, and Underwriting for Property & Casualty.


Accounting, Payroll & Bookkeeping

  • Save on Payroll & Operating Costs

    Part-time or Full-Time CPA’s or Controllers at 72% savings.

  • Robust, Centralized Cloud-Based Bookkeeping System

    Supporting SAP, QuickBooks, and leading bookkeeping solutions.

  • Reduce Errors and Maximize Accuracy

    Hand off the day-to-day bookkeeping to a seasoned professional.

  • Prepare for Tax Season with No Extra Effort

    All documents and records available for processing for yearly taxes.

  • Detailed Financial Reports

    Customized reporting to meet your requirements.

  • Fully Scalable as Your Business Grows

    On-demand accounting support.

  • QuickBooks Licenses & Support

    Procure or upgrade QuickBooks products and services with ongoing QuickBooks support.

  • QuickBooks Live Support

    QuickBooks support available anytime to support your business accounting.

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable

    General ledger for day-to-day accounting services.

  • Part-Time CFO

    Provide part-time or full-time accounting to support your business model.

  • Payroll Services

    Simplified payroll accounting and management through leading provider.

Debt Collections

  • Professional debt collection and account receivables management services that accelerate your revenues and reduce 'bad debt'.

  • Supporting any size of client and customer base.

  • Overcome language barriers with 20+ languages supported for regional markets including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Creole, and many more.

  • Allows you to focus on your core business.

  • Reduce DSO and lower the ‘ageing’ bracket.

  • Improve cash flow and reduce financial risk.

  • Customized approach to match your business requirements.

  • Resolve an impressive number of accounts and save customers money by employing a different kind of dialog.

  • Inbound and Outbound Services supporting questions concerning accounts receivable by your customers.

  • Dispute Registration with logging, assigning, and reporting reasons for non-payments.

  • Pre-calling, payment plan monitoring, reminder calls and SMS texts.

24/7/365 Answering Services

  • Flexible payment plans charged per minute, per call, and a flat rate for a full-time employee with major savings.

  • Capture every opportunity for sales, service, and dispatch.

  • Give the right impression the first time around.

  • Increase productivity daytime, after-hours or 24/7/365.

  • Reduce business overhead and expenses by 75%.

  • Reliable Receptionists representing your company and business objectives.

  • Perfect solution for medical practices, plumbing, heating and air, electrical, and dispatch services.

Cad Design For Architects

  • Our team of 100+ CAD drafters partner with architects, contractors, fabricators, design professionals, and engineering design and drafting companies to deliver high-quality drafting work and production-ready 2D/3D drawings.

  • Our engineers and drafters offer outsourcing CAD drawing services at affordable costs to develop millwork drafting, shop drawings, and fabrication drawings of superior quality from your design concepts and 3D models.

  • Our portfolio includes working with furniture manufacturers, millwork shops, architectural & engineering firms, and industrial equipment manufactures for creating CAD drawings with machining and process allowances.

  • We provide the highest quality of CAD drafting and line drawings to design engineering teams of offshore engineering design firms and manufacturing organizations.

  • Areas of Expertise:

    • 2D and 3D CAD Drawings
    • CAD Conversion (PDF to CAD & 2D to 3D)
    • Fabrication Drawings
    • Assembly Drawings with BOM
    • Components Drawings
    • Metal Doors and Windows Design
    • Manufacturing Detail Drawings
    • Create 3D Model from Existing Drawings / Images
    • Mechanical Drafting Drawings
    • Casting Drawings
    • Sheet Metal Design Drafting
    • Furniture Drawings
    • Cabinet Drafting
    • Millwork & Casework Drawings
    • As-built and Markup Drawings
    • Migration of library to new software (E.g. AutoCAD to SolidWorks / Inventor)

How do we charge for cad design and drafting services:

  • Costs of outsourced CAD drafting services to companies vary according to the industry, license charges of CAD software, expertise, and the certifications of the drafters.

  • Our offshore based drafting teams enable us to charge lower, hourly, and monthly fees, as compared to other players in the industry. When you partner with or hire our CAD drafters, we ensure top-tier deliverables with primary and secondary QC for man-hoursas agreed in the contract.

  • At US4, our CAD drafters along with CAD consultantsread your blueprints or 3D models and deliver comprehensive 2D and 3D drafting solutions that suit your business requirements.

Our fees for cad drafting per hour are based on:

  • Scope of Work

  • Project Complexity

  • CAD Tools

  • Timeframe of Work

  • Resources Needed

Why outsource cad drafting services to us:

  • We deliver standardized submittal drawings with accurate geometrical dimensioning and tolerances as per international and industry specific design and drafting standards.

  • Our CAD drafting technicians are equipped to handle projects of any complexity and scope and deliver top-quality drafting services at a much more competitive price.

  • Whether you are located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Europe; our 2D drafting services from offshore facilities near your destination assist you with efficient business practices and lower overhead costs.

  • Apart from our best CAD drafting services cost, enlisted are our expertise is as follows:

    • Deep Domain Expertise
    • On Time Delivery
    • Fast and Reliable
    • Dedicated Resource
    • Quality Assurance
    • Global Presence

Our global customer base includes:

  • Furniture Manufacturers and Retailers

  • Architectural Design Firms

  • Interior Designers

  • Civil and Structural Engineers

  • Trade and General Contractors

  • Fabricators and Manufacturing firms

  • AEC firms & Surveyors

  • Processing/Industrial Plant Owners

  • If you belong to any segment of construction or manufacturing industries, we can help you achieve the best quality and make the most out of our partnership.

  • Get in touch with our experts for your 2D and 3D CAD drafting projects requirements.

Radiology Services

  • The teleradiology read service you choose is an extension of your clinic.

  • With industry-leading turnaround times, 99.97% accuracy rates, and real-time access to radiologists, we’re by your side to ensure a better experience for your patients and exceed the expectations of providers.

  • Fast, accurate Teleradiology services.

  • Urgent Care Response

  • We provide our read services to more than 2,500 urgent care centers through vendors across the U.S.

  • Our industry-leading turnaround times allow your patients to get a quick diagnosis and the care they need, while increasing patient throughput and satisfaction.

  • Patients receive a quick diagnosis and appropriate care—and you get higher satisfaction scores and a stellar reputation.

  • Occupational Health:

    Our B Readers are NIOSH certified to ensure all your B Read interpretations for chest x-rays will be accurate and timely. If an occupational medicine patient needs evaluation for asbestos, coal, or silica dust inhalation, we can assess the irregularities related to occupational exposure and get you and your clients results quickly.

  • Primary Care:

    Today’s primary care patients value their time and expect convenience. When a facility uses a local radiology group or hospital system, it can take up to 24 hours to turn around reads, requiring patients to return to the clinic for a follow-up visit in order to receive results.

  • Our radiologists can provide routine reads in less than an hour and STAT reads in under 30 minutes. Your patients get results faster and you improve throughput.

  • Other Medical Specialties:

    In addition to urgent care, primary care, and occupational health, we provide services to hospital emergency rooms, free-standing emergency departments, imaging centers, centers, chiropractic clinics, mobile x-ray/ultrasound providers and more.

Surveys & Polling

  • Customized survey and polling services to accommodate client needs.

  • Objective, non-affiliated survey and polling to gain accurate and honest responses.

  • Help increase brand recognition through timely and accurate customer care follow-up.

  • Experience with outbound campaigns utilizing predicted dialers, manual dialing, and fundraising.

  • Experts in assisting Political Campaigns, Fortune 500 National Brands, and increasing awareness across geographical and cultural data sets.